Lost in Travel

Crooked streets to find off beats. Travel whenever I can. Through Europe, Cuba and Japan. Challenges and strange encounters, some planned, and some other.

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In Dreams

There's lucidity in my fight or flight, carnal and my carnage. Bizarre creatures, cartoon rocket-ships and twisted landscapes. Always some symbolism to ponder.

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This is Living

Between the mysterious there is the mundane. Luck in work has brought me rock, food and wine. Film and fame. But no one escapes the pain of all of life's four letter words.

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Reader's Choice

Have you had a vacation, dream, day at work and/or disaster that may inspire? A character, color, era, object, detail or oddity, that deserves it's moment or more in it's own story? Send me a drawing, and I'll caption it. Give me an idea, and I will do my best to roll with it, flip it, or trip it and write it down.

*Disclaimer: currently no subject off limits, HOWEVER this is NOT an invitation for blatant smut, nor an offer to do your homework for you. I hope for it to be a fun exercise in creativity. Credit always given to contributions. Details are a work in progress.

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Here is where I turn my scribbles into something to share and showcase. Writing has always been a retreat for me. From my terrible early tear and beer stained journals, to my more poised observations turned into short stories. It's in stories, that the shy become coy, the clumsy turn comical, and losses are lessons. I have many inspirations for this site. Every entry meant to stand alone, but with recurring themes including travel, my every day life and my dreams. I also invite you to suggest an idea to me for a short story, making it reader's choice. I hope you enjoy my embellished truths and outlandish anecdotes. All original material by me, unless otherwise noted. I am currently here to play, but if my writing style is something that appeals to a platform of yours, please hit me up. Thank you for reading, and enjoy!

Fox n' Raz

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