Rube Goldberg Machine

The Approach

Rube Goldberg machines and rigmaroles. Red wine and the right pen.

Back Story

Born on an island covered in evergreens, to a sculptor and nurse in the Pacific Northwest. I moved to the big city first chance and into a punk rock party house. After a swift eviction, I was lucky to find my own place, and my independence. I followed my interests in work whenever I could, photography, movie theaters, then when old enough to tend bar, sought out venues with live music and performing arts. I travel whenever I can. It seems to save my soul, and challenge me in the right ways. Been through Europe four times, as well as visiting Cuba, Costa Rica and Japan. I even enjoyed driving across the United States more than expected to get to my then new home, in New Orleans. I call that kind of move a "Trifuckta", meaning, leaving a home, a job and a relationship all in one swoop. Not to run, but to break up the mundane and seek new misadventures. 

Meet the Team

Mara Mare


Founder & CEO

Next Steps...