The Heart of a Brat

Artwork by Jude Killory

She thought she was doing good. But right away, even the birds knew better. Sure, that fat cat was homeless, but clearly well fed. It batted at the birds a bit, for sport. Too glutinous and sloth to actually want to lift itself.

Spring had not yet sprung, but this Gal was determined for something. Skipping classes. Classless (by cat and bird standards especially) …She thought her time better spent by interrupting the cosmopolitan animal nature. Redbull mixed with cheapest of 7-11 wine, and clove smoked wide eyed spun, maybe she would take this cat home to save the birds…

A hearty good ole splat o’ crap crashed down upon her poised pony-tails. This nature didn’t want to be saved. And if human words could be spoken by the birds and the cat, they may say, grab and cry out of our way, today, and every so called Valentines Day. 

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